Mr. Santa Monica says,

"Get Involved!"

This is a website dedicated to raising money for local charities in Santa Monica, California, and is tied into every corner of our community. Only through the generosity of our top sponsor, Kaiser Permanente, as well as the dedication of lifelong citizen, Nat Trives, has this all been possible.

In addition, through this website we also celebrate the life of an outstanding citizen, Nat Trives, also known as Mr. Santa Monica, whom has served countless roles such as Mayor, Professor, Police Officer, Charity Organizer and much more. In fact, he has dedicated over 60 years of his life serving the Santa Monica community!

Since the launch of this website in December, 2014, we have raised well over a hundred thousand dollars for local charities. And beginning in January 2016 our goal is to raise another $100,000.00 for local charities through this website. Further down this page you will find a variety of charities. When you select a charity it will take you to a donation page where you can donate to that charity directly.

Thank you so much for your support!

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